The Normandy wind tunnel

Airfly the Normandy wind tunnel

The wind tunnel in Normandy


The vertical wind tunnel of Normandy is tower of 10 meters in height At the bases ever al giant propellers grow powerful flow of air upwards through the tower The airflow is uniform and regular reaching speeds of up to 280km/h depending on your weight and the size The air stream to float freely in the air, giving you the sensation of weightlessness and freedom
We have packages for all levels from the beginner to the seasoned skydiver. If you’ve never tried AirFly ™the Normandy front blower were commend that you start with our package « 4jumps ». You get several flights with the best experience possible One minute dix dans the blower is equivalent to two jumps tandem of 3000 meters

Why skydive in the Normandy wind tunnel?

This flight in wind tunnel in Normandy many advantages

  • The sensations off light are identical in fall France teams use it…)
  • The flight is much less bound to the weather (in Normandy is practical…)
  • The duration of the flight is significantly longer than a skydivr
  • There isnoneedofparachute
  • There is no need to fly
  • There’s not Vertigo
  • The price of the jump is much more affordable
  • You made true freefall because you’re not hooked to any monitor which hinders yourflight