Wind tunnel Caen

Airfly- windtunnel in Caen

Caen skydiving windtunnel!

Simulateur de chute libre à Caen

Discover progressor simply for min free fall in the wind tunnel at Caen
Your dream is to discover the free fall in Caen as well as sensations of flight at more than 200km/h just like during a jump freefall with a parachute and all this without the constraints vertical wind tunnel is more than a freefall Simulator because it is the ideal equipment for all those who want to discover the free-fall even for children from the age of five.

Fly in freefall in Caen

The Caen skydiving wind tunnel is also great tool to train skydivers Indeed skydiver who wants to develop can do in the many disciplines of parachuting The blower is also great machine enabling of future parachute trainees develop and prepare for their parachuting course
Flyin the vertical wind tunnel of Caen is within the reach of all Fly freely without constraints is also great time to share with friends or family The liibre fall in the wind tunnel is gift original to offer to your family or friends