wind tunnel sensations

The amateurs of high sensations have go to AirFly


The amateurs of high sensations have AirFly visit to flirtation with the extreme. The opportunity to experience the most intense feelings of free-fall with flight in wind tunnel
After following complete briefing you before your flight that is equivalent to free falling out of a plane from 4000 meters above sea level and freefall at 200km/h diploma is awarded to participants in order to capture this experience video option is also available on site

AirFly: professional skydiving school

AirFly is professional skydiving school specializing in free fall training and held by true enthusiasts who provide flights safely Complete formations are also available on-siteThe customer can take the plunge and enjoy flight in wind tunnel And to keep souvenir of this moment of pure freedom him will be awarded diplomaI a tis also possible to choose the video option to keep lasting memory of this experience